Music making and listening are a clear example of a human activity that is above all interactive and social, two big challenges for the new communication devices and applications. However, to date music making and listening is usually a passive, non-interactive and non-context sensitive experience. The current electronic technologies, with all their potential for interactivity and communication, have not yet been able to support and promote this essential aspect of music making and listening. This can be considered a significant degradation of the traditional listening and music making experience, in which the public was (and still is) able to interact in many ways with performers to modify the expressive features of a music piece.

The SAME project aims at creating a new end-to-end networked platform for active, experience-centric, and context-aware active music listening. The project will answer to questions like "Which will be in the next 5 years the corresponding of the current iPod?"; "What kind of markets would such new devices open up?"

The SAME project is funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme, Theme ICT-2007.1.5, Networked media.



    SAME applications will be presented at the Festival della scienza 2010 public event in Genova, Italy: click here[]  Read more >>

    14/06/2010 -  SAME Contest
    The European ICT project SAME (Sound And Music for Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere, Everyway) promotes a design contest for innovative applications/services/devices which make use of mobile phones for creating and enjoying music in an everyday situation.  Read more >>

    10/09/2009 -  Demos @ AGORA 2009
    *Demos from the AGORA 2009 public event are now available:*  Read more >>

    The First International Workshop on Social Behavior in Music, partially supported by SAME  Read more >>

    14/05/2009 -  SAME @ AGORA 2009
    SAME project will be present at the Agora 2009 multidisciplinary encounter at IRCAM, Paris, France: *click here*  Read more >>