Making and enjoying music for the users of tomorrow


The European ICT project SAME (Sound And Music for Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere, Everyway) promoted a design contest for innovative applications/services/devices which make use of mobile phones for creating and enjoying music in an everyday situation. Designers have been invited to make use of the new technology available through the SAME Consortium. This technology enables mobile phones to be transformed into new expressive musical instruments which break the traditional ways of music listening.
Today, by using SAME technology you can:

  1. Extract and remix audio tracks in any song which you have in your portable device, in the same way as a DJ would do (Audio Explorer application) [VIDEO]
  2. Navigate in an orchestral score, listening only to the desired sections or instruments, by moving the mobile phone as a conductor would do (Mobile Orchestra Explorer application) [VIDEO]
  3. Use the emotion of your gestures for controlling and modifying in real-time the expressive parameters (such as tempo, articulation, dynamics, …) in a piece of music (Moodifier application) [VIDEO]
  4. Sing a melody to your mobile phone, which will transform it into a piece played by a digital musical instrument in your phone (Mobile Composer application) [VIDEO]
  5. Analyze the context of the sonic environment (street, restaurant, car, meeting) and select a suitable playlist (Zagora application)
  6. Transform a gesture mimicked with the mobile phone (pouring a glass of champagne, toot brushing) into the sound corresponding to the real gesture (Fishing Game application) [VIDEO]
  7. Measure the empathy of users’ gestures on mobile phones for modifying in real-time the performance of a piece of music (Sync'n'Move application) [VIDEO]

Proposals have been submitted in September 2010. After a careful evaluation of all the submitted proposals, the internal board designated for selecting the winner of the contest decided to not to assign the award. Even if all the proposals were interesting and valuable, the board did not find any of them to be so innovative to represent a breakthrough able to significantly affect a new generation of Future Mobile Music applications. However, the board makes a particular mention to the following proposal:

Arttu Perttula, Tampere University of Technology, IamDJ

The SAME Project thanks very much the participants for submitting a proposal to the contest. 

SAME project Consortium
Casa Paganini – InfoMus, Genova (Italy) :: Nokia Research Center, Helsinki (Finland) :: Royal Institute of Technology - KTH (Sweden) :: Pompeu Fabra University – UPF, Barcelona (Spain) :: Aalto University , Helsinki (Finland) :: IRCAM, Paris (France)
The SAME project is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission DG INFSO Networked Media Systems Unit