Posters presented at the Festival della Scienza 2010 public event in Genova:

Videos of some of the applications presented at Festival della Scienza 2010: 

Demos presented at the AGORA 2009 public event in Paris:

Early proof-of-concepts and demonstrations were developed in SAME during its first year. They include:

  • A first demo showing integration and connection with background platforms from partners, namely EyesWeb XMI from DIST-InfoMus Lab, the Nokia server, and audio processing plug-ins from Pompeu Fabra University, and using a first prototype mobile service running on six N85 client devices and on a dedicated server in Nokia premises;
  • An accelerometer feature extraction module for mobile device as a basis for a context-aware music recommender (Nokia);
  • A proof-of-concept of a mobile sound synthesis framework that provides support for different synthesis techniques, low level input modalities, and mapping between input events and synthesis parameters (TKK);
  • Techniques and software modules for audio signal separation (Pompeu Fabra University) and for expressive moulding of music performances recorded in audio files (KTH)
  • Techniques and software modules for real-time extraction and processing of movement data from accelerometers (e.g., expressive gesture processing by DIST-InfoMus Lab and gesture follower by IRCAM);
  • Techniques and software modules for the analysis of emotional synchronization, entrainment, and leadership in a group of users, based on computation and analysis of cross-recurrence plots (DIST-InfoMus Lab).

Demos were and will be presented at conferences and public events. Keep in contact with the SAME Consortium for the schedule of future public presentations!